Sunday, February 19, 2012

5 minute fat free vegan Italian "sausage" crumbles

Yes, I realize the photo is not the best- my computer just came home from the computer hospital and I can't edit my pics. (Have to call them on Monday for help). 

After reading a post from the Healthy Librarian about Chorizo it got me thinking of how to make some quickly without flour or gluten. I've been avoiding flours and added sugars for about 6 weeks now.

So I remembered that I use lentils with taco seasoning as the "meat" in taco salads. 

So why couldn't I use them for other "meats"? Turns out I can! I used some cooked lentils that were in the fridge (or try Trader Joe's steamed lentils)
and added some spices and WOW! This was really good! 

I mixed it with some quinoa and arugula and should have added some kind of sauce but it was still really good.

 Next time I will measure everything but I used fennel seeds, black pepper, smoked paprika, red pepper flakes, oregano, italian seasoning, a minced garlic clove, some sun dried tomato powder, salt and garlic powder

 I don't see why you couldn't use the lentils with other spice combos to make Chorizo or other flavored crumbles.

 I can't wait to make another batch and use it for some kind of lasagna (not using flour remember- so maybe a potato, sausage and chard lasagna with marinara sauce? 

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