Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Mexican Cheezecake Squares- vegan of course!

When I saw this recipe I thought they would be good- but I was wrong.


They are so simple to make!  And they will disappear like magic.
Recipe here:

Vegan Brunch!

Labor Day Brunch! After our usual morning walk the girls came over for brunch- muffins, orange slices with agave, spicy fried potatoes, tofu scramble and vegan sausage.

And don't forget the grapefruit mimosas! They were sooooo good!
1 cup grapefruit juice
6 T triple sec
fill glass halfway with juice mix, then the other half with champagne. These were amazing.
Blueberry muffins and raisin bran muffins
two of the hubbys even showed up!
A great end to the holiday weekend.