Thursday, September 6, 2012

Sriracha Bars ~ V-created!

 Really? Oh yeah!

I've had these bookmarked for a while and finally just had to cave in and make them: Kogi's Sriracha Bar Clone 

Pretty darned amazing! But I would add a little more sriracha to the ganache. These were very sweet and a bit more heat would balance it out. 

No need to veganize the bottom layer- rice cereal and Enjoy Life chocolate. I used the caramel sauce from the samoa cupcake recipe: Cara's Caramel  and the coconut cream fudge from The Blooming Platter: Oatmeal Fudge Bars.

There are a few tweaks I'd make next time. While the caramel and fudge topping are both super delicious - I think together they were too coconutty. (If that is really possible - but I wanted the chocolate and heat to take center stage). I would use regular vegan ganache with soy creamer so it would be shinier and not quite as thick.  And add more sriracha the ganache. But even without the changes, these disappeared in a flash!