Sunday, April 18, 2010

Triple Coconut Cheezecake Minis

These are adapted from Robin Robertson's "1,000 Vegan Recipes". If you love coconut these are for you. Toasted coconut in the crust, creme of coconut and coconut extract in the cheezecake and more toasted coconut on top!

Nacho Muffins

Sometimes all I want for dinner is a plate of nachos:

Chips, queso (vegan of course), tomato, cilantro, black olives and avocado.

The queso is from Crystal and it is spicy and cheezy and gooey!

But then it got me thinking - hmmm, what about a nacho muffin?

It's got a slightly spicy cheeziness, olives, cilantro and some rotel diced tomato and chiles. If I can work in the avocado it will be even better!

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Mini grew up!

I couldn't wait to make the full sized version of the mini mousse cakes!
It was even better because of the ratio of mousse to cake- unfortunately the only pic I got a chance to take is blurry.

But it was killer!