Sunday, November 1, 2009

RE: *

Dairy free and delicious*

*and vegan

At the farmers' market I didn't want to use vegan. I thought it might scare people away from trying some new things. I think it worked. The response from people was amazing! It was so cool to have people taste a sample and then decide they had to buy more of those cookies. Or muffins. Or whatever.

And to watch their faces when they finally noticed the dairy free sign. Huh? How did you do that?

I also never realized the huge number of people with dairy allergies. Every week I had someone come to the stand and say their son or neighbor or co-worker can't eat dairy and then pick up some goodies to take home for them.

Like the carrot cake mini above.


  1. I'm not vegan, just a lady who loves her sweets, and this is Fantastic-not even kidding!Cheryl