Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Holiday Cookies For You!

Terra Bakery

Holiday Cookie Trays

A dairy-free* assortment of traditional holiday cookies such as pecan crescents, rugelach, rum balls, and apricot foldovers.

Give the gift of homemade delicious cookies or treat yourself to some tasty baked sweets.
Order between November 13 and December 28th
Pick up every Monday or delivery available.

12 inch trays 36.00 (Serves 12-14)
16 inch trays 54.00 (Serves 20-22)


  1. Your photos are great. Are your fold over cookies the same as kolachys that have apricot, and nut fillings?

  2. Thanks! I'm still playing with the camera. Yes, the apricot cookies are like some of the kolachy recipes I've seen- the ones with the cream cheese dough. (I use vegan cream cheese of course). This year I'm going to try some nut and poppyseed fillings as well.