Wednesday, November 18, 2009

A little rant- Hold the sawdust please!

This morning a friend brought me a vegan cookie from a local restaurant that just started carrying a few vegan products. She thinks I need to go introduce myself to the owner. Why?
This "cookie" tastes like twigs and sawdust! This is the type of cookie that makes people cringe when they hear "vegan". Just because it's vegan doesn't mean it has to be healthy. It doesn't need to be sugar free or have whole wheat flour in it. If I want something healthy I'll eat a bowl of bran cereal or something. If I want a cookie -I want something sweet and satisfying. If I want cake I want it to be moist and yummy. If someone says "that's pretty good for being vegan" then it's not good enough! They should say " this is really good!" Period.
Ok, rant is over. I'm gonna go eat a cookie.


  1. Ok Lea, so I don't do Facebook - I'm trying to hide myself, not exploit myself.

    Anyway, when you told me about your "vegan" bakery items and gave me some cookies to try, I cringed and thought "oh God, not another nut case".

    What a surprise I had. Your stuff is not just good - it's great! Some of the best baked goods I've ever had. I especially like the carrot cake and blueberry muffins. So moist - are you sure you're not putting any dairy products in the receipes? I love to eat them with a nice tall cold glass of milk.


  2. As far as being a little "Nutty", yeah she is, having known her all my life, but what she can create in a kitchen is magic. I also thoroughly enjoy the carrot cake and anything that has chocolate on it.
    Good Luck and God Bless, Lea

    From your "neighbor" in Texas...

  3. Vegan desserts should never taste vegan. Up until recently, I was convinced that vegan desserts couldn't taste as good as non-vegan desserts. Then I realized I was just eating the sawdust variety of baked goods. Yuck-o! Hopefully as more people get the opportunity to taste "good" vegan treats, they won't think that all vegan food needs to taste like dirt.