Sunday, July 15, 2012

Vegan Chopped!

Roasted Beet Tart with Mango Coconut Sorbet

This is my entry for the PPK's vegan Chopped contest!  The ingredients were beets, mango, rice cereal and unsweetened coconut. 

I used the rice cereal, coconut, a few dates and a squirt of agave in the food processor to make the tart crust. Baked for 15 minutes. I had roasted the beets earlier in the day and they were sliced as thinly as possible and layered onto the tart crust. The glaze that covers the beets is equal parts pomegranate molasses and agave with a few chia seeds to thicken. 

The sorbet is a fresh mango, 1/2 a frozen banana and a splash of coconut extract. Buzzed together in the Vitamix and stuck in the freezer while the tart was being assembled. 



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    1. Thanks Jennifer~they were pretty tasty! I loved your idea of cocoa with the beets- and I have some beets left. Hmm....